marianoGuy Mariano
Professional Skateboarder 
Age 34

Guy Mariano Videos
Blind Video Days Part
Girl Mouse Video Part
Lakai's Fully Flared Part

Biography and profile

Guy Mariano is one of the best and greatest skaters of all time, he’s changeguymarianod the way skateboarding is today through his natural flowing ability and his unique original style. His choice of tricks on a skateboard has influenced and inspired skateboarders all over the world for over 2 decades “including me” ever since his first video part on Powell Peralta Ban This. He was born in 1976 and started skating at 7, he currently lives in LA. Sponsors are four-star clothing which he owns with Eric koston, Girl skateboards, Lakai shoes, Spit Fire Wheels, and co founded Royal trucks with Rudy Jguymarianoskateboarddeckohnson. When Guy was 14 he left Powell to skate with gonz on blind skateboards owned by Steve Rocco. Guy took part in creating the most epic and sickest skate video ever made; Guy Mariano's Blind Video Days Part made up the ultimate team, Jason Lee, Rudy Johnson, Jordan Richter, Mark Gonzales, Guy Mariano. Even to this day every time I hear, I want you back, by Jackson Five I want to jump on my board and go skate. I remember wearing red shirts and black pants in guyskatinghopes of duplicating Guy’s sick style, not sure if worked out so well. After Video Days he had small clips here and there but never had a full video part until the amazing 1996 Mouse video. Talk about a comeback!  He did it again with the best video part of that time. Due to injuries and partying he fell off the high horse again until getting back on again in Guy Mariano Lakais Fully Flared video part explained in the Guy Mariano 48blocks interview and in the VBS.TV video interview he gives details on how he can only be in the lime light for small periods of time before his bubble pops again. He adds that the “skateboarding life style comes and goes so quick and he’s already had it taken away from him so many times”. Guy Mariano is a true American skateboarding legend that deserves the first ever Hollywood star for skateboarding. I had the plesure of skating with him a couple of time in LA about five years back. It was so awesome seeing him skate Guy doesnt even have to warm up to go shoot a photo, He'll just hop on his board and do it and damn! doest he do it. Look out for the next full video part in the chocolate video coming out in a year or so.



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