Guy Mariano, Blind's Video Days Part marianoNeed I say anything at all. Video Days created the new skateboarding movement that we see today.

Released in 1991, directed by Spike Jonze it was Spike's first directed video. Guy Mariano song is I want you back, by Jackson 5.

Blind Video Days was one of the first skateboard videos to have switch tricks in it, when Guy switch rail slid the LA gold rail. Most old schoolers couldn’t comprehend that he was going fakie and using his nose.
When Gonz did his switch manual at the bank it was the first one on video. The blind team truly changed up all the rules. A couple years after the video came out, all would see was skaters doing switch everywhere. Some skaters would even learn switch tricks before they would learn it regular.

Danny way skated for Blind for a couple of years during the filming of Video Days and would have been in the video if didn’t quite Blind to go back to H-street. You can see him in the pond when Gonz did his transition ollie to nose manual on the bricks, it shows him for a brief second picking up his board.

Guy Mariano was only 12 years old when he first started to film the video, by the time the video came out he was 15 years old.

The sounds tracks is partly why the video is so epic, Rudy Johnson skates to Dinosaur Jr. Jason Lee, Milk Guy Jackson Five, Gonz to classical Traneing in and the awesome intro low rider.

Fun Facts: Mark Gonzales picked out guy’s song in the video.

Enjoy the video


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